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Wrought Iron Wallmount Handrail


Above and Below is our more decorative, and heavier wrought iron wallmount handrails. These wrought iron wallmount handrails are 2 1/4" wide and 5/8" thick. The mounting holes are 3/8" dia. on the handrail Above. The 3 mounting holes on each mounting bracket Below are 1/4" dia. The standoff from the wall on both handrails is 1 1/2". These handrails are $60 per linear/running ft. We offer a few different decorative mounting brackets.These wrought iron wallmount handrails can be made in any length. The longer handrails will have more mounting brackets. We have many different decorative flat bars to choose from, for this wrought iron wall mount handrail. Longer lengths will have more mounting brackets.Price includes the powder coat finish. Check out our Exterior/Interior Wallmount Handrail page to see our $45 per ft. Standard Wallmount Handrail. We can also make pipe wallmount handrails.