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Standard Iron Handrail/Railing Residential Pricing

These are our Standard Iron Handrail/Railings.You have the choice of an all twisted baluster pattern,all square baluster pattern,or a square/twist/square baluster pattern.All balusters are 1/2" solid steel and the posts are 1" plain solid square/round steel.Caprails will have the volute on the approach end.This handrail/railing is $80 per linear/running ft., $100 per ft. any handrail/railing over 8 ft. long. The handrails in the above picture are 5 1/2 ft. long, a total of 11 running/linear ft. of wrought iron handrails, these will cost you $1230 installed in granite steps, in the State of Maine. If the railings/handrails need to be mounted with base plates,our plain 4" X 4" sq. base plates are included in the price.Pricing does not include decorative base plates, and powdercoated hardware for handrails/railings needing base plates and hardware. Decorative caprail options and decorative post options available for additional charges.


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